MBA/MEM/MPA考研复试英文面试 | 十大常问英语面试真题及回答范文

2023-01-04 众凯考研辅导

MBA/MEM/MPA考研复试英文面试 | 十大常问英语面试真题及回答范文



Why do you decide to go for the national postgraduate entrance examination?


Well, I’d like to say there are a lot of reasons.

First of all, I believe that I need to learn more professional knowledge so I’m determined to go for the National Postgraduate Entrance Exam to further my education. Besides, I'd like to strengthen my practical ability in this program as well. Being a postgraduate student in this platform enables me to catch up with the latest information and findings.

That's all of my answer for this question.





Why do you prefer our university?


Well, I decide to come here for the following reasons.

First of all, I’m deeply impressed by the good reputation, academic atmosphere and various resources here. As far as I know, it’s the best place for me to broaden my horizon and deepen my knowledge.

Besides, from my perspective, I prefer this university due to some personal preference. I’m sure I can make great progress here and improve myself.

These are the main reasons for my choice.




高频话题三 介绍家乡

Could you please briefly introduce your hometown?


My hometown is ___, a beautiful ___ in ___ province. It is really a nice place for tourism and relaxation.

You can feel the enthusiasm when you are in my hometown. It’s a small town/city full of unique culture and history. It’s quite well-known for its___, which will impress all the visitors. I’m sure you’ll love it if it is possible for you to travel there.


高频话题四 介绍家庭

Can you share something about your family?


I’m lucky to have a great family including my mother, my father, _____and me.

My parents are really role models in my life. They convince me of the importance of being honest and diligent. I’m so grateful to have such a harmonious family where I could grow up happily and learn to be better. It’s the most valuable gift in my life.




What’s your hobby? / What do you do in your spare time?

你的兴趣爱好是什么?/ 你空闲时间会做什么?

I have developed extensive hobbies in my life, like________,______,______and one of my favorite is_______. Personally, I believe that ______ is so appealing that, by doing this, I can have more courage when I am confronted with high pressure.

I enjoy ______ because I can learn something valuable from it from time to time. And my motto is “Work hard, play hard”, which inspires me to concentrate on what I do and not to be obsessed in too much recreation.



Do you have any unforgettable experiences?


The most unforgettable experience is that I _____(做的事情/取得的成绩), This experience means a lot to me. It feels like that my thoughts are changed. And I got a lot of inspiration.



What do you think about your strength and weakness?


Talking about my strengths. At first, I’m a person with fast-learning ability and strong passion about new knowledge. And I have good analytical and problem-solving skills, which will help me to study and work better. Besides, I think I am an optimistic guy because I can always adjust myself into a good condition no matter how bad the situation is.


I think my weakness is that I am kind of shy sometimes. And I am not good at expressing my ideas in the teamwork. Later, I realized my problem in time and learned to change myself and communicated more with others. Now things are getting much better.



What are you planning to do in your postgraduate period?


Actually I’ve thought about my plans about my postgraduate period.

First of all, I believe that fundamental knowledge is important, so I’d like to absorb more professional knowledge in this period. Besides, I would be happy to have some teamwork with my mentors and my classmates, this can help improve my practical skills in solving problems in reality and prepare for my future career.




Will you be upset if your cannot get into our program?



There’s a saying, get up where you fell down. If I fail the interview this time, I will check my weakness and do as much as I can to make progress and I think one day I will be qualified to this program as long as I persist in chasing it.



Please give us a brief introduction about yourself.


First of all, thank you for giving me this chance. My name is , I am from university, majoring in (专业)there. Actually I've been working hard during my college and I am in the top 10% with an average score over 85 (均分根据自己学校系统的数据填入).And I got the National Encouragement Scholarship (根据自己事实上有无奖学金选择是否加这句话)in my university.At the same time,I have passed the CET-4(大学英语四级),NCRE-2(计算机二级) and five subjects in the ACCA exam.(根据自己有无考取与会计专业相关的证书添加)

To further study has been my dream since the very day I went to college. So I read some books and papers including (相关书籍/论文的名称).All of this made me more determined to have further study in this area. University (复试的学校)has strong academic atmosphere, so, I really want to continue my study here. I hope I can have the chance to study in this university, and I will improve myself and contribute my value here.

Thank you for your listening.




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