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①According to the table/pie chart/line graph/bar graph,we can see/conclude that…根据该表/图, 我们可知……

②The table/graph reveals(shows/indicates/illustrates/represents/points out)that… 该 表 / 图 表 明……

③As we can see from the table… As can be seen from the line/bar graph… As is shown(illustrated/indicated)in the pie chart… 如表/图所示,……


①Compared with…is still increased by…

②The number of…grew/rose from…to…

③An increase is shown in…;then came a sharp increase of…

④In…the number remains the same/drops to…

⑤There was a very slight(small/slow/gradual)rise/increase in 1990


· rapid/rapidly 迅速地,飞快地,险峻地

· dramatic/dramatically 戏剧性地,生动地

· significant/significantly 有意义地,重大地,重要地

· sharp/sharply 锐利地,明显地,急剧地

· steep/steeply 急剧升降地

· steady/steadily 稳固地,坚定不移地

· gradual/gradually 渐进地,逐渐地

· slow/slowly 缓慢地,不活跃地

· slight/slightly 轻微地、略微地

· stable/stably 稳定地


1.The most obvious reason for this phenomenon is that______________.Consequently,______________

2.No matter you like it or not,AAA has become more and more popular and there are many reason for it.

3.It’s an urgent task for us to change this unfavorable situation:______________

4.The picture can reminds you of some strange,yet familiar phenomena existing in our society.

5.A great number of solutions are being offered.Some people suggest that______________.Others argue that______________.

6.Confronted with AAA,we should take a serious of effective measures to cope with the situation.

7.However,________may cause some problems.First,it is__________.Second,_______.Finally,_____.So,it is clear that______________has its advantages and disadvantages.

8.Although______________has a great advantage of______________,it can’t compete with______________in______________.

9._________may be preferable to______________,but______________suffers from the disadvantages that________.

10.The advantages of______________are much greater that those of______________.For instance,______________.

11._______may be preferable to______________,but it also suffers from the disadvantages that______________.

12.But I don’t think it is a very good way to solve_______.For instance,______________.Worst of all,____.

13.There are many ways to______________.First,______________.Second,______________.Third,______________.

14.On the contrary,there are some people in favor of_______.They believe_________.Moreover,they think_______.

15.There are several measures for us to adopt.First,we can______________,there are a number of advantages of______________.Another solution is to______________


1.The most effective means to solve this problem is that______________.In that case,______________.

2.Everything has its own two sides,no exception with AAA.For>

3.My experience tells me that to______________needs a thorough and persevering process,and in this process you had better abide by the principles mentioned above.

4.On the whole,it is high time that we recognized the significance of______________.

5.As a result,we should take some effective methods to______________.

6.Judging by the figures,we can draw a conclusion that______________.

7.In a word,the whole society should pay close attention to the problem of_______.Only in this way can______________in the future.

8.In my opinion,we should place much emphasis>

9.But______________and______________have their own advantages.For example,______________,while______________.Comparing those two,however,I prefer to______________.

10.In my opinion,______________is just as common as______________.If______________,it may be very useful.Whatever______________,the key point lies in______________.

11.Are their opinions correct?To my mind,the first idea seems______.As for the second idea,________.

12.As a popular saying goes,______________.In my opinion what really counts is not______________,but______________.I believer that as long as______________,we will______________.So I am for the opinion that______________.

13.In my opinion,both sides are partly right.When we______________,we should take into consideration all aspects of the problems,and then make the right decision.

14.Personally,I believer that_______.Consequently,I’m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because_______.

15.In my opinion,all of the people should be brave enough to show our disapproval and criticism when confronted with______________.

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